About S!C

What is S!C and who does it serve?

For those who want to improve, to realise change for the better.  Want to find out how this really can be achieved?  S!C stands for:

  • listening and acting according to your needs, voice of your customers and your organisation
  • goal oriented manufacturing manager, apply principles ‘lean manufacturing’
  • connecting and combining people, techniques and organisations to forge solution
  • cost and cost price conscious
  • bring and keep project in control: scope, time, resources
  • specific knowlegde in the field of manufacturing and operation
  • validation and qualification GMP
  • outsourcing and transfer of operations
  • knowledgeable commercial and technical matters
  • hands-on mentality, preference for the shop floor, admiration of craftmanship
  • de bottlenecking, reference to theory of constraints
  • flexibility, adapting  organisation to new situations
Wie is SiC

Innovation according to S!C is innovation, we herewith invite you to innovate this definition.

The focus is always on the project goal, but always with respect for the constraints as agreed. Project management is a highly specialised field,  delivering on-time, on-quality and on-budget. Best practise programme is a much broader issue than a few Gantt charts. DMAIC, DFSS systematic and PRojects IControlled Environment management methodology 2 for example, specifies every aspect of a generic project process from initiation to closure.

For Whom?

  • For those who want to have projects realized
  • For want to introduce a new product
  • For those who want to improve their organisation towards a lean culture
  • For organisations which require change programmes or merger/acquisition integrations that need to be delivered professionally

The benefits of formal project management processes and organisational structures remain surprisingly new to some industries. Looking for the way to give your project the advantage? Contact us now.

What is S!C?

Sic is Latin (=thus, so), invariably bracketed and usually set in italics, is used to indicate that a preceding word or phrase in a quoted passage is reproduced as it appeared in the original passage. Sic at its best is intended to aid readers who might be confused about anomalous spelling? S!C means unconventional: so, thus it works.

When is a project succesfull?


  • users say: ‘fit for use’
  • top managers say: ‘fit for purpose’
  • sponsor satisfied
  • suppliers say: ‘business case OK’
  • teammembers say: ‘fit within my personal agenda’
  • QA say: ‘compliant’
  • projectresult is merit to your succes

Key factors for project succes: management support, involvement of users, clear requirements, planning, expectations and competent projectmanager.